Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 10

Fear The Walking Dead
“Close Your Eyes”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week saw a big storm make landfall as our group splintered into smaller factions. Al and June headed upstream to see why the dead have been washing up near the bridge. Charlie ran off, leaving John to recruit Strand in an attempt to find her and bring her back. Alicia, reeling and aimless after Madison’s death, went to a lumber mill to try and free someone trapped by walkers (though he had turned by the time she arrived). In the end, they went their separate ways. Morgan has his sights set on returning to Alexandria, and unsuccessfully tried to get everyone to commit to coming with him. Luciana saw Charlie in the mansion and took off in the rain to try and catch her.

What Went Down:

We open with Alicia finding an abandoned house to shelter her from the storm. Naturally there are walkers, which she dispenses of with relative ease. She sets some personal effects from the family outside and nails a board over the door. When she hears a noise inside, she announces she will kill whoever has come inside and that she just wants to be alone. It turns out to be Charlie, who locks herself in a room. Alicia gets her supplies and heads out into the storm, but winds up getting knocked out trying to force open a car door that was stuck. She wakes up back inside, having been brought back inside by Charlie. Alicia yells at her through the door, blaming her for the deaths of both her mom and brother. She wants to be what her mom believed she could be, so she doesn’t want to send Charlie out to die or kill her herself, but she knows that she likely will. She says Charlie can never make up for what she’s done.

Alicia tries to board up the windows, but can’t do it alone. She finds Charlie (who still won’t speak) looking at the pictures that she had set outside, and recruits her to help with the windows. But the noise has attracted walkers, so they retreat inside to wait out the storm. Alicia finds that Charlie still had the gun she used to kill Nick, and takes it from her. Pointing it at her head, Alicia accuses Charlie of coming there to kill her, but sends her away upstairs. Charlie opens a window and steps out onto the roof, coming face to face with a walker impaled on a tree branch, possibly ready to atone for her sins, but Alicia saves her.

They go back inside and talk, with Alicia figuring out that Charlie kept the gun so she could kill herself. Charlie finally speaks, asking Alicia why she saved her. Alicia doesn’t know why she did it, but she knows Charlie will have to come to terms with what she’s done. They sit and eat together, with Charlie opening up a bit about her past. Her parents were taking her to the beach at Galveston when everything changed. They go to sleep, but when Alicia wakes up in the night Charlie isn’t there. She finds her upstairs with the photos, saying that someone may come back looking for that family. She knows she is garbage but she wants to do this, despite Alicia insisting that anyone who cared about this family is dead. The wind sends debris through the window, giving the walkers access to the house, so the girls retreat to the basement.

They see the basement is flooded, but there is no time to go back, as part of the ceiling collapses and blocks the stairwell. They find some high ground to keep their heads above water, but the level is rising. Charlie is scared of turning, after having seen her parents do so. She can’t remember what her parents looked like before then, and wishes she had a picture. She tries to get Alicia to kill her, reminding her of what she’s done and acknowledging that she knows Alicia wants to kill her. Alicia points the gun to her head and thinks of everything Charlie took from her, but she can’t do it. She needs to be who her mom wanted her to be. They manage to escape through the storm shelter door after part of it gave way. The impaled walker that Charlie almost let kill her had fallen on the door and wound up saving them.

The next morning, the storm has cleared and Alicia buried the bodies of the family. She tells Charlie she did it in case people come back looking for them. They put some of the family photos into a jar and leave it near the bodies. Charlie tells Alicia she can see Madison in her, even if she can’t see it in herself. Alicia says she walked away from Morgan and everyone else, but Charlie responds with “I’m good at finding things.” As they drive away together, Alicia tells her to close her eyes, and proceeds to describe a trip to the beach, letting her get a good image of what she missed out on with her parents. She can see their faces again, finally.

They arrive at the mansion, which is empty and has sustained storm damage. They leave and get to the bridge, where the winds have pushed the bus onto its side. Charlie wants to find them, but Alicia insists that they are gone. Alicia tells her things are only going to get worse, until they aren’t around to see just how bad they can get. She kills one last walker before leaving back to the car with Charlie.

Where We Go From Here:

Alicia seems to believe that everyone is gone, but she clearly had a renewed sense of faith and hope in her catharsis with Charlie. They will surely try to find the group, but may not succeed. We don’t know what happened with Morgan after he left Alicia, or what is happening with Luciana. Strand and John are still out there somewhere, as well as Al and June.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Has Alicia truly forgiven Charlie?
Will they find other members of their group?

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