Haiku Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim
Directed by Jon M. Chu

When a well-off man is made best man in a wedding, he flies back home to Singapore from New York, bringing his girlfriend to meet his wealthy, eccentric family.


Extravagant Fun;
Packed Full Of Real Emotion;
A True Heartwarmer.

Watch in Theater Immediately
**Pickup at Redbox Upon Release**

Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


I went into this totally blind (I haven’t even seen a trailer), knowing only the reviews are very good. Those reviews are spot-on, as this is the feel good movie of a slow late summer season, and felt all-around refreshing when the only other options are an endless stream of action franchise sequels. It has a few predictable tropes, sure, but it’s very well-written overall, featuring an array of fleshed-out characters and good acting to bring them to life. The sets and tone are intentionally over the top, making you feel every bit the fish out of water that the main character represents when meeting her boyfriend’s crazy rich family. It wisely avoids feeling like rags and riches tale, which would have cheapened the experience. There are a lot of laughs here, and you will be fighting back tears numerous times (those may even be losing battles, so be ready). Family is an unbreakable bond, even when dealing with controlling parents that want to force their children to live the lives they have planned for them. But people need to be free to forge their own paths, in life and in love. This isn’t a must see on the big screen, but it’s one of the better movies out right now and would make a great date night film, whether in the theater or at home.

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