Fear The Walking Dead
“People Like Us”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

The first half of season four ended with the fractured groups of Strand, Alicia, Luciana, Morgan, Althea, John and June (formerly known as Naomi, but June is her real name) all coming together. It was revealed to Alicia that Al had met Madison, so Al films the group telling her story. When The Vultures opened the gates of the stadium to let the horde in, Madison used gasoline and a road flare to distract them, burning down the horde and seemingly sacrificing herself to save her kids and preserve their good nature, though her precise fate was never shown.

What Went Down:

We open as a literal storm is brewing, as the SWAT truck is parked amidst what looks to be a hurricane making landfall, with high winds throwing walkers all over the place. After what I presume is a time jump to the past (since the weather is nice), Morgan is seen dispatching walkers and finds a walkie talkie and hears a bit of indeterminable chatter. He uses the radio to talk to Al, saying he wants to go back home and wants her to drive him there. He visits John and June and tells them his plan. He wants John to come along to Alexandria, but John has everything he needs right here with June.

Morgan walks on and visits Strand, holed up in a mansion with an extensive wine cellar. Morgan pitches them the idea of accompanying him. A drunken Strand has no interest in scraping by and Luciana simply can’t go back out into the world. He goes outside and finds Alicia along the property’s fence, as she kills walkers that approach when they hear her making loud noise. Someone is tacking notes onto the dead, requesting help. He tries to recruit her as well, but she is on a mission.

June tends to John’s wound and they discuss the idea of moving back into his cabin when he is mobile again. A walker approaches Charlie, who is staying with them, and Al shows up to kill it. A walker enters Strand and Luciana’s mansion, and Strand struggles to kill it while Luciana is unaware, listening to music in her headphones. Back on the bridge, Al and June notice the dead washing up in the river, and say something must be amiss further upstream and offer to inspect it, saying that John still isn’t up for that level of physicality. Al gives John a walkie to keep in contact. Morgan is gathering supplies for his trip, and Alicia comes to visit. She has figured out that the lumber mill a few miles down the road must be overrun by walkers, and Morgan goes with her to check it out as a steady wind picks up.

Al and June find a box of supplies with a sign that reads “Take what you need, leave what you don’t. See you further up the road.” Morgan and Alicia discuss Alexandria, with Morgan saying he never should have left and wants to tell Rick he was right. They kill another walker with a note bolted to its face. Strand and Luciana find a hole in the fence and patch it up, but it looks flimsy and Strand just wants to keep getting drunk. Morgan and Alicia find the lumber mill, but he wants to scope it out first whereas she just charges through the fence.

John has used some old cardboard to make his own Scrabble board and letter pieces. He gets Charlie to agree to play with him, despite the fact that she still won’t talk. He tries to get her to open up, but when he gets up to take care of a walker, she grabs her backpack and a stack of books and runs off. John goes to Strand for help, which he obviously doesn’t want to given that she killed Nick. John reminds him that he was shot because of them so Strand owes him.

At the mill, Morgan and Alicia find a group of walkers, lure them out and drop logs on them, killing them. They find the man Alicia assumes was writing the notes, but he has already turned. She laments that Madison would have gotten there quicker and saved him. They both agree that they have a lot to make up for. Morgan says this was her reason to run away, instead of helping Strand and Luciana like Madison did. She flips this on him and asks in that case, why is he leaving?

Al and June talk, with June revealing that running is what she does. She’s scared to go back to john’s cabin, where he will realize she’s not the “Laura” he thinks she is. Al tells her no matter what her past looks like, today she is the girl taking care of John and that’s all that matters. They see a large flock of birds all flying in one direction, and June says they need to get back right away.

As the storm rolls in, Strand and John have no luck finding Charlie right away. Morgan tells Alicia they need to hunker down somewhere but she walks off, saying she will be fine alone. Luciana finds Charlie in the mansion but she runs off. June gets ahold John on the radio and tells him about the storm, but it’s already upon them too. We end by seeing walkers flung into the side of the truck by the high winds.

Where We Go From Here:

The storm/hurricane has arrived and the group is split off in pairs (Al and June, Morgan and Alicia, Luciana and Charlie, Strand and John). Some are without purpose, like Morgan, and others are blinded by their purpose, like Alicia. Some are thinking about a future, like John, and others are stuck in the past, like June. The hurricane is a fresh and unique  obstacle for the group and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will play out to close out this fourth season.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Will the hurricane last the whole half season? Will it kill anyone in the group?
Can Alicia process her grief and move forward?

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