Top 20 Tom Cruise Movies

Mission: Impossible – Fallout releases this week, so here are my favorite Tom Cruise movies.

20. Eyes Wide Shut


19. Risky Business


18. Born on the Fourth of July


17. American Made

a,erican made.PNG

16. Edge of Tomorrow

edge of tomorrow.jpg

15. All the Right Moves

all the right moves.jpg

14. Cocktail


13. Days of Thunder


12. Rain Man

75 - Rain Man.jpg

11. A Few Good Men


10. Minority Report


09. The Color of Money


08. Jerry Maguire

jerry maguire.jpg

07. Top Gun


06. Mission: Impossible III


05. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

rogue nation.jpg

04. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

ghost protocol.jpg

03. Mission: Impossible


02. Collateral


01. Magnolia


3 thoughts on “Top 20 Tom Cruise Movies

  1. I’m so happy to see Magnolia and Collateral at 1 and 2. I would probably swap them, if only for the fact that he had much more to do in Collateral. Both roles seemed to challenge audience perceptions of him at the time, which is pretty cool.

    Love the Mission: Impossible series, Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. A few of his older movies are still on my list of things to see, and a few of these I haven’t seen in AGES.

    Dude is friggin talented as hell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He has a long list of re-watchable films that are highly entertaining. He’s done a decent job of breaking out of the blockbuster/action fare, as well.


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