Film of the Day (07/07/18): Galaxy Quest


Written By David Howard and Robert Gordon
Directed By Dean Parisot

This was every bit as awesome as people spent years telling me it was. I remember my first theater job, it had just begun its run and I never got around to it while I was trying to take advantage of seeing as many free movies as possible. After almost twenty years, it was still on my to-see list, somehow. It’s great that something can function so well as satire and a standalone comedy in it’s own right, with a surprisingly affecting ending. Weaver’s character acknowledging the limitations of such a cliched female character is almost as great as Rickman’s stuffy British thespian who clearly sees himself as better than the material. It’s a fun look at obsessive fan culture and a delightful send-up of cheesy science fiction in all its glory, with a lot of quotable lines and smiles abound. It’s an all around good time!

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