Film of the Day (06/29/18): The Thing


Written By Bill Lancaster
Directed By John Carpenter

When paranoia sinks its claws into you, the grip can be nearly impossible to shake. What’s worse, though, is knowing that the thing you’re paranoid over is actually happening right in front of you. When an Antartic research team encounters an alien life form capable of infiltrating and imitating its hosts, that paranoia officially passes the point of no return, and the result is one of the coolest horror/science fiction movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a huge fan of They Live for a long time and have been meaning to check this one off my list for years, and I’m so glad I finally did. Carpenter created a masterful horror film that speaks to our inherent distrust of one another and our willingness to resort to violence when pressed into a confined, uncomfortable situation. The film starts with a literal bang and maintains an impressive level of tension throughout, and the gross-out moments are as eye-popping now as I imagine they were shocking over 35 years ago. If you like ambiguous, thought-provoking endings, look no further. This one still has fans guessing and theorizing three decades later, and while I have some thoughts of my own, knowing that I will never get a true answer is half the fun. What a cool flick!

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