Written By Jared Moshe
Directed By Jared Moshe

While not up to the same level of quality of the other two indie westerns I’ve watched lately (Hostiles and Woman Walks Ahead), this is good film. Jared Moshe clearly has a deep love of the genre and demonstrates it well. Yes, characters fall into some cliched territory, but the script wins points for me by taking what is clearly a typical secondary character and making him the unlikely and reluctant protagonist. Pullman is highly watchable in his role, and the surrounding cast, including Tommy Flanagan, Jim Caviezel and Kathy Baker, all being something to thr table as well. I enjoyed the score and the scenery, and while the cinematography wasn’t top notch, the film still did well to capture the raw beauty of the frontier. It’s a story about loyalty, trust, friendship and the good of the few vs the good of the many, with something to say about each. I’m glad I checked this out.

Currently available on Amazon Prime.