Haiku Review: Game Night

Written by Mark Perez
Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

A group of friends gather for a friendly night of board games, but it quickly takes an unexpected and violent turn.


Great Lead Chemistry;
Avoids Usual Cliches;
Unique and Funny.

**Watch in Theater Immediately**
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


I didn’t go into this with super high expectations, and they were definitely exceeded. I figured it would get a few laughs, and that would be it. But it had a solid premise, the cast had good chemistry, the script was good and it didn’t rely on over the top raunchy humor to be funny. It just is, and for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which being Jesse Plemons in a perfectly-cast role. Really, the casting in general was very well-done, as everyone had their strengths and brought something different to the story. I really enjoyed the fact that it avoided usual tropes and cliches for cheap laughs, and brought something fresh and original to the table. Additionally, there are some really admirable shots and sequences, and some good special effects, to boot. Overall, this was a great time at the movies!

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