Film of the Day (06/01/18): The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin
Written By Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish
Directed By Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg has spent decades defining and redefining the summer blockbuster. He has practically perfected the adventurous popcorn movie, and this is a fine example. Based on a comic book series, this is a film that carries it’s sense of fun and adventure over land, air and sea for a whirlwind of just under two hours. It is Indiana Jones for kids, and I don’t say that onoy because of how similar it is to Raiders of the Lost Ark in several senses. It’s the kind of film that kids will love for its spirit, and adults will love for bringing out that inner kid again. I wouldn’t say I loved it, and it is nowhere near the top of my list of Spielberg works, but it is a fun, enjoyable movie that is absolutely marvelous to look at. The motion capture photography and grandiose, sweeping camera movements were astounding, drawing you right into the action. It’s stunning, at times, and quite the achievement. But it’s Spielberg, and at this point that’s a baseline expectation.

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