Film of the Day (05/25/18): Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Written By Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec
Directed By Brad Bird

Car chases in a sandstorm, sprinting down the face of the tallest building on Earth, and stopping nuclear winter. Just another day at the office for Tommy Ballgame!

Ok, so two of those are stunts and one is a plot device, but it still sounded cool.

And cool is the name of the game, here. Brad Bird has packed this film with style, energy and the undeniable cool factor that is a hallmark of the franchise. This is the spy genre at its most fun, and perhaps much of that is owed to the ace of Pixar taking on live action for the first time, fully determined to make his sequences more than memorable. It also helps that Simon Pegg is around to add his trademark levity to the proceedings (he is so excited about making those masks for field work that when production falters and they cannot be used, you legitimately feel bad for him). This is just an all-around good time, despite the tropes. I mean I don’t know much about nuclear launch codes, but they shouldn’t be that easy to steal.

I like the addition of Jeremy Renner to the cast, and will be watching Rogue Nation very soon to get properly ready for Fallout’s release later this summer.

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