Haiku Review (Streaming Edition): Amateur

Written by Ryan Koo
Directed by Ryan Koo


Blue Chips for the Kids;
Josh Charles is Amazing;
Surprisingly Good.


Drop What You’re Doing & Watch!
**Check Out if Content Interests You**
Laid Up In Bed, Sick? This Might Be For You
Spare Yourself; Watch Something Else


I didn’t have the highest hopes for this movie before watching it. I love basketball and I love inside looks at different things (Aaron Sorkin is my favorite writer (ironically enough Josh Charles of Sports Night fame has a large role, here)), so I had to check this out. This movie is not Blue Chips. I would recommend that movie to absolutely anyone. Amateur is a little different, but I can’t help but imagine Ryan Koo making this movie without having the thought of that movie in his head. This is a new age version of that, which is intended for a younger audience. 

Without spoiling any plot points, Amateur is about a young basketball player who is thrust into the spotlight, while also dealing with a learning disability. That last aspect is what stands out to me, here. This, as well as the performance by the highly undervalued Josh Charles, was what made the movie highly enjoyable to me. 

Amateur is nothing groundbreaking and won’t have you giving a standing ovation, but no doubt you will be smiling from ear to ear as the credits roll.

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