Haiku Review: American Dream – Detroit

American Dream: Detroit
Written by David Leaf
Directed by Michael Bolton & Christina Kline


Much Needed Story;
Poor Structure and Editing;
Beautiful City.


Michigan Residents – See This Immediately
Everyone Else –┬áCheck Out What The City of Detroit is Actually About


When I first heard about this documentary, I was confused as to why someone not from Detroit, or even Michigan, would want to make this film. After seeing Michael Bolton give an introduction speech before the film, it was evident that he cares immensely about this city and its’ revitalization. The first third (or so) of the film felt out of place. We took more of a look at the people who were from and lived in Detroit, as opposed to the city itself. We took a hard look at Hitsville, USA and all the people who made it what it was. It makes sense, as it was the magnet that drew Michael Bolton to the city, but most of that felt disjointed from the narrative being told, or attempting to be told. From there, the movie was thoroughly enjoyable. I can criticize the editing, some of the shots, etc. but it would do a disservice to the meaning of this film. Detroit is beginning to thrive. There are many people doing many great things for the city and the people in it. It is not just the big time people, Illitch, Gilbert, etc. It is the “small”, too. There are ground level people making worlds of difference to many. This documentary showcases them in an amazing way. I highly recommend everyone watching this, as unpolished as it is, to see the real, true side of Detroit that isn’t seen by the popular eye. This is one more step to changing the opinion of the average person. Detroit is beautiful.

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