Haiku Review (Streaming Edition): The Week Of

The Week Of
Written by Adam Sandler & Robert Smigel
Directed by Robert Smigel


Entirely Forced;
Real shticky and unfunny;
Hang it Up, Sandler.


Drop What You’re Doing & Watch!
Check Out if Content Interests You
Laid Up in Bed, Sick? This Might Be For You
**Spare Yourself, Watch Something Else**


Adam Sandler is the man behind many of my favorite comedies. He has a long list of classically funny movies, but in recent years, he has hit a brick wall. I will say that I have not seen all of his recent movies. I have watched bits and pieces, but it all seems like stuff that I do not want to fully watch. The Week Of was no different. For whatever reason, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to watch this. It was a train-wreck. One that I had to force myself to continue watching. The only reason I continued to watch was so I could non-ignorantly write this. 

There was nothing that I enjoyed about this movie. Some parts were better than others, but overall it was a giant mess. There was nothing done to make you feel sorry for, or agree with the actions of the main character. It was painful in that way, as well as how horrid the acting was. Even Chris Rock brought nothing to this movie.

I cannot say fully express how awful this movie was. Do not watch it. Ever. If someone wants you to watch it, tell them, “no”. There is always a better option.

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