Haiku Review: Tully

Written by Diablo Cody
Directed by Jason Reitman


I laughed and I Cried;
Comes From the Heart and the Head;
Unexpected End.


**Watch in Theater Immediately**
Pickup at Redbox Upon Release
Stream on Netflix/Watch on Cable
Don’t Waste Your Time


Charlize Theron is one of the best working actors out there. No matter the role, she seems to embody and own everything she does. Tully is no exception. This is an exercise for her and for the the writer, Diablo Cody, all the while director Jason Reitman captures everything beautifully and ties it up with a (not so) pretty bow. If you have seen Juno, you know (almost) exactly what to expect from this movie. There are morbid jokes, but none that are untrue. Cody does a wonderful job of bringing parts of life to the light, that many times go unspoken about, at least in a public manner such as this. Tully is no Juno, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable watch nonetheless. Did it make my current Top 10 of 2018? Find out here.

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