Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 4

Fear The Walking Dead
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week, we saw the Clarks briefly working together with Al, John and Morgan to free the SWAT truck after running it into a deep ditch. We also saw Morgan try to impart his peaceful ways onto Nick, who killed a Vulture bent on a revenge that the show hasn’t revealed yet, between the parallel stories across two timelines. Nick and Madison had been seen making a run in a flashback, showing that Nick had finally worked up the courage to leave The Diamond. Except it was never about fear, he just doesn’t like what being out in the world does to a person and he wanted to find purpose inside his living situation. He found it by learning to farm, but his crops were being damaged, so he was forced to leave on a scavenging mission. Out there, we got a small altercation between Nick and Ennis, the Vulture who saved Charlie. In the present timeline, after killing Ennis, Nick is suddenly shot by Charlie and dies with Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Al, John and Morgan looking down at him, unable to do anything about it.

What Went Down:

We open with shots of Al filming the group mourning Nick, and back in the van she asks for their story. Flash back to the Diamond, and Madison organizes another run, looking for places that the Vultures may not have hit. Strand partners up with Cole, and the pair fight off walkers in a greenhouse, looking for plants safe to eat. Nick and Luciana searched a library, with Nick looking for books to help give people hope for the future. Ironically, they wanted to get something for Charlie to read, and she’s the one that killed Nick after this took place.

Alicia and Naomi pair off and investigate a water park, finding signs that someone(s) had holed up there previously. Naturally, they have walkers to contend with, including some stuck in a whirlpool-like water slide attraction. In Strand’s story, he tells Cole he doesn’t want to become the man he used to be again, keeping a piece of rock to remind him of what he’s done. Is it a piece of the dam? At the water park, the girls find a stash of medical supplies. Naomi appears to bolt on Alicia as we check back in on Cole and Strand. They find a car stuffed full of food, and Strand tries to convince Cole that they can run off with it and survive for much longer than if they took it back to the stadium. Cole leaves Strand to head back on his own. Alicia catches up with Naomi, who has her doubts about trying to keep a group going in this world.

At the library, Nick and Luciana argue about trying to keep the stadium thriving in spite of the Vultures. Luciana wants to start fresh. They find an atlas of the southwestern US. She says whatever page she opens to, that’s where they will go. Back in the van, she tells Al “I never should have opened that book.”

Madison is mapping out a grid of the area, and looks out over the lot and the Vultures that are still waiting them out. She parlays with Mel and says her offer still stands for them to join the group. He won’t do it, and that’s when Cole and Strand arrive with all the extra supplies. Nick and Luciana come back and show Madison a spot on the map, further out than the Vultures have scavenged. They want to go there, find seeds and fertilizers, and return to the Diamond and make it thrive again, which she agrees to. Naomi and Alicia want to set up an infirmary, to boot. In the van, Al wonders why this is the day everything changed, since all parties agreed to keep what they fought for. Alicia should have talked mom into leaving. Luciana should have turned to another page. Strand should have kept the supplies. They each say they are the reason Nick is dead.

The van stops and the group gets out to bury Nick and digs up a patch up dirt, unearthing a map of where the Vultures are spread out. Luciana had found and buried bit previously. They also dig up a stash of guns, and they plan to hunt the Vultures down, offering more of their story to Althea in trade for more rides. They then bury Nick next to a tree in the night, with Morgan leaving some of the flowers Nick was looking at when he was shot on top of the grave.

John sees a bag that belonged to his long lost Laura in the van and asks  for it. In a flashback, we see Naomi with the other white handled pistol John has been looking for and puts it in the bag. John realizes that Naomi is Laura, and Luciana tells him that she never made it out of the stadium. Alicia wants him to come with them to  hunt down the Vultures, but he stays on the road and Morgan joins him.

Where We Go From Here:

Now that we know the group is intent on hunting down the Vultures and are armed to do so, things are heating up. One has to wonder if they will truly have the drop on them, though, and what the human cost will end up being. Strand is on a mission to be a better person than he was before, and Nick’s death is clearly a motivating factor in that regard. If it comes to it, will he protect Al, or even sacrifice himself? I keep crossing my fingers that Madison is alive and being held captive, and the show has done well to keep those cards close to the vest, but with everyone so hell-bent on revenge, the feeling that she is dead is unshakable.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
How many members of the group will die hunting down the Vultures?
How will John and Morgan factor into the attack on the Vultures?

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