Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 1

Fear The Walking Dead
“What’s Your Story?”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

At the end of what was in my opinion a stellar third season where the show began to truly find itself, we saw all Hell break loose. The Otto family is no more, as Madison (finally) killed Troy after sparing him a few too many times. In the saddest moment of the season, Ofelia dies of her wounds and Daniel is powerless to save her. Taqa and Crazy Dog manage to survive the mayhem at the end of the episode, and set off to find the remainder of their people who survived what went down at the Otto Ranch. Strand struck a deal with The Proctors, selling out the group, but it backfired in a big way. See, The Proctors stranglehold on the water supply is no more, as Nick blew the dam, sweeping Madison, Strand and Alicia away in its wake. The Clark family has whittled down and is barely scraping by, and they are now separated. Daniel and Nick make a great pairing, but Daniel is now a loose cannon, and Nick has never proven to be a picture of stability…

What Went Down:

We started off feeling like we were trapped in the wrong show, as we see a parade of familiar faces visit Morgan in his new home, the junkyard where The Scavengers used to reside. Jesus, Carol and Rick all take turns trying to convince him to come back into their New World, but he is having none of it, so he sets off down the road, leaving the old group (and show) behind in search of some solitude. He happens upon a man named John (the amazing Garrett Dillahunt, who I am ecstatic to see in such a role), who offers him some food and a place to sleep in exchange for some much-needed companionship and conversation. But Morgan slips away while John sleeps, getting himself nabbed by a group of men who set traps for those who happen upon them. John and a mysterious woman named Altha come to his aid and they leave together. It turns out Althea is a journalist and wants their stories. But the men they escaped from come back before she can talk Morgan into talking, and violence ensues. Morgan gets himself into trouble by, once again, believing that bad people don’t need to be killed (even if they are trying to kill him), but briefly gets himself out of a jam using a small horde of walkers and a live grenade. One SWAT truck and two turret-mounted machine guns later and Morgan, Althea and John are the only survivors, and they hit the road together. But after giving Al a little of his story, Morgan insists on once again striking out on his own. But having been shot in the leg during the fight, he doesn’t get far before he is beset by walkers and luckily saved by John and Al, who had followed him. The end of the episode reveals a major twist, as the group happens upon Alicia (faking an injury) in the road, and when they get out to help her, they are surrounded at gunpoint by Nick, Strand, and Luciana! So we have now jumped ahead a few years in the timeline, and neither Daniel nor Madison are anywhere to be seen in this episode. Let the speculation begin as we strap in for a wild season!

Where We Go From Here:

The major points moving forward will be what the Clarks do with our newly-formed group, and as an audience, figuring out where our sympathies lie as that story plays itself out. We officially have the crossover we have been asking for, so now it will be interesting to see how it progresses, as Morgan has had such a storied journey so far (and one that he may be more inclined to share with Al, should they wind up prisoners of the Clarks in the coming weeks). Beyond that, the story of what happened after the dam exploded is sure to be one hell of a story, should we get it (either verbally or via flashback). Will the Clark family position themselves as villains in this new chapter? I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Also, GARRETT DILLAHUNT PLAYING A GUNSLINGER!!!


What did you think of this week’s episode?
What the hell happened to the Clarks after the chaos at the dam?
Did Daniel survive? Where is Madison while her family captures strangers on the road?

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