Film of the Day (04/14/18): Primer

Written By Shane Carruth
Directed by Shane Carruth

I love when a film knows it’s experience is a high-minded, cerebral one and has enough faith in its audience not to pull any punches or dumb itself down. The results can be fascinating, and Primer may be one of the best examples of this that I’ve ever seen.

What happens when a group of inventors build a time machine in their garage…by accident? What kind of events and paradoxes could unfold? Is it marketable or dangerous? Are all the answers to these questions even knowable?

Let me be clear. I don’t fully understand what I watched. This is a short, but mind-bending film that will cause your mind to reboot in safe move. It demands multiple viewings for multiple reasons. Shane Carruth, as he would do again 9 years later with Upstream Color, serves as writer, director, lead actor, producer, cinematographer, editor, composer and production designer. This is an incredibly talented filmmaker who has given me a lot to think about and theorize over.

I’m glad he believes in us enough to make something this challenging and powerful.

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