Film of the Day (04/10/18): The Lobster

The Lobster
Written By Yorgos Lathimos and Efthimis Filippou
Directed by Yorgos Lathimos

People kept telling me about this, and when I read the premise, I have to admit I was very intrigued. I mean, a place where single people are arrested, forced to live in a hotel for 45 days and if they don’t fall in love, they are turned into an animal of their choosing and released to live on their own in the wild?


And it sure as hell doesn’t get any LESS strange than that.

The film represents both sides of the issue of settling down vs remaining alone, and, in an interesting move, treats them both as equally…unsettling.

The film has a lot to say about the pressures society puts on individuals and couples, as well as the pressures we put on ourselves. The consequences here are certainly more drastic than in real life, but the metaphor is clear. The couples aren’t happy, the single people aren’t happy, and time seems to be running out for all of them.

Maybe the animals in this world are to be celebrated, rather than pitied?

Available on Amazon Prime.

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