Episode Breakdown: Atlanta – Season 2 Episode 6

“Teddy Perkins”
Created By Donald Glover
Where: FX
When: Thursdays @ 10pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week we followed Paper Boi on his journey to get… a haircut. We still have not caught back up with Earn after his breakup with Van. These single character episodes make it a “long” wait to see the narrative arc progress.

What Went Down:

On a mission to track down a (free) hard to find piano, Darius finds himself in a predicament. He rents a U-Haul and drives to, seemingly, the middle of nowhere to pick it up. In the very beginning of the episode, while at a gas station, Darius buys a confederate flag hat, and a sharpie, to help alter the hat. Originally saying, “Southern Made”, letters were filled in (blocked out) to change the reading to: “U Mad”. This starts out the episode with your typical clever and witty joke, focusing on race relations. From here on out, though, “Teddy Perkins” does much to separate itself from other Atlanta episodes. Whereas most of the show is a comedy-filled drama, “Teddy Perkins” plays as a horror/thriller. You cannot help but imagine that Jordan Peele’s Get Out was heavily in the mind’s of the writers while crafting this episode. Darius is struck with unease from the minute he walks up to the mansion where he is picking up his piano. The door is open, the lobby is ominous. For the second time in as many episodes, we are faced with someone who could be labeled as a, “finesser”. Last week Paper Boi was given the run around; now, this week, Darius is being finessed to the Nth degree. Being told that the owner of the piano is sick and unwell, his brother is the one dealing with Darius/selling him the piano. Every second that Darius waits without being given the piano, it becomes more clear that he is being lied to.

Where We Go From Here:

Darius just witnessed a murder/suicide. But, does he get to keep the piano? Hopefully we get to see the gang reunited and back together in the next episode. While it is nice to see a glimpse inside the life/perspective of individual characters, Atlanta shines when those characters are playing off of one another.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Have you been a fan of these single character episodes? Are you excited to see Earn, Paper Boi and Darius back together?

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