Film of the Day (04/03/2018): Attack the Block

Attack the Block
Written By Joe Cornish
Directed By Joe Cornish

Well, THAT was fun!

Continuing in the trend of skewering a genre film and adding its own twists and turns, this one fits in with previous films from the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It’s short, moves at a lightning-quick pace, and mixes blood with laughs quite well. All while being distinctly British.

When an alien falls from the sky and lands outside an apartment complex (“The Block”) in South London, it’s met with hostile force by an unruly group of teenagers. But they just triggered an full-force, small-scale invasion that they might not be able to fend off on their own. They’re have to call for backup when The Block is under attack!

If they can shake the cops, angry drug dealers, kids with lethal Super Soakers and their parents, first…

Highly enjoyable film, check it out!

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