Episode Breakdown: Atlanta – Season 2 Episode 5

Created By Donald Glover
Where: FX
When: Thursdays @ 10pm EST

Where We Left Off:

It has been two episodes in a row where we have ended with Earn, willingly stepping into competitions that he knew he was going to lose. These losses had a sort of domino effect leading into the conclusion of Episode 4, when Earn and Van decided to break up. They realized they wanted different things out of their relationship and mutually parted ways. We saw the uncomfortable nature of what their relationship will be moving forward: strictly co-parents.

What Went Down:

This episode focused on Paperboi and his quest to get a haircut. Throughout the episode, his barber, Bibby, finesses Paperboi, stringing him along. He had given one swipe of the clippers at the shop and from that point onward, Paperboi belonged to Bibby. Paperboi saw other people get a haircut, was a ride-along while Bibby chased down his on foot teenage son and was an accessory to a hit and run on a pregnant woman. When finally given the proper service he desired, Paperboi attempted to walk away without a word being said, which is something his Episode 5 cohort could not let happen. Bibby starts his rambling again, demanding payment for the haircut, claiming they were hanging out and having fun that day. Instead of arguing, Paperboi pays for the haircut and leaves. Bibby (obviously) wants to know where his tip is.

Where We Go From Here:

After spending a week with only Earn and Van, and a week with only Paperboi, will next week see us catching up with what Darius has been up to, or will we see the reunion of Earn and Paperboi (and Darius)? Earn will certainly be dealing with his break up with Van, as we have not yet seen the full repercussions of that. Paperboi will be glad to have his manager back, to act as a buffer between himself and the annoyance of the real world. We already know that Paperboi would have called in Earn to handle the barber situation, if he could have. I fully expect these dominoes to keep on falling for (on) Earn. We have certainly not seen the last wrench thrown in Earn and Co.’s plans.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Do you hope we get a Darius only episode next week?
Would you rather see the 3 amigos reunite?

Check back next week for another Episode Breakdown…
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