Todd Phillips’ Joker Movie to Take Inspiration From The Killing Joke

  • Aiming to be similar in tone to Scorsese’s The King of Comedy.
  • With Marty producing and a comedic mind directing, this could be pulled off.

Netflix Renews Black Mirror for Season 5

  • Bring ’em on!

Long-time Writer/Producer, Simon Kinberg, to Direct Logan’s Run Remake

  • Expectations will be set after X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Kinberg’s Directorial Debut

Oscar Winning Director Has 50 Years of Notes Stolen, Will Shoot Film on Cellphone

  • Claude Lelouch clearly has much passion behind this new project. I am on board.

Original The Fast and the Furious Director Wants to Helm Final Movie in Series

  • Please, no. This guy hasn’t done anything even remotely noteworthy since The Fast in the Furious. He just wants that money that he’s not seeing anymore.

Current Mission: Impossible Writer/Director in Talks for Green Lantern Corps Movie

  • Christopher McQuarrie is one of the most talented screenwriters out there.
  • I have been championing for McQuarrie to helm a superhero project for years, and in particular, Green Lantern.
  • This would be the perfect choice, and would certainly change the perception of the character from those who only familiar with Ryan Reynold’s portrayal.

Little Nemo in Slumberland Remake in the Works

  • The original movie scared me as a child. Sign me up for this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy Director, James Gunn Re-Teaming with Elizabeth Banks

  • A new horror film, not a new film that’s a horror to watch… Sounds good to me.

Avengers: Infinity War Set for Longest Run-Time of Any MCU Movie Yet

  • With as many characters that will be involved, this is only right.

Michael Bay to Direct 6 Underground and Robopacalypse

  • Uhh…. sure.

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst to Direct John Travolta and Devon Sawa in New Film, Moose

  • Devon Sawa is the original “Stan”. Durst will flip that, and make Sawa the apple of another’s eye.
  • Travolta should play a great creep.

Jon Favreau to Write Live-Action Star Wars Series for Disney’s Streaming Service

  • A lot of people were upset that it wasn’t a woman or person of color. You’ve all seen Favreau’s resume, right?

Fox Looks to Cut Back on Commercials

  • Innovative and game-changing, or a last ditch effort that’s too little, too late?

According to Krysten Ritter, The Defenders Won’t Be Teaming Up for Season 2

  • Good. Did anyone want that, anyways?

The Sopranos Prequel Movie in the Works

  • This is completely unnecessary. It will be extremely difficult to capture the magic of the series.

Kenneth Lonnergan Signs First-Look Deal with Amazon

  • Writer/Director of Oscar-winning Manchester by the Sea
  • Re-Teaming with Amazon should be a solid move on his part; he should have full control over his scripts.

Fox Searchlight Won’t Be Re-Branded Under Disney

  • Is this Disney’s way of getting into the award season races?

New Mutants Actress Comments on Reshoots, New Character

  • Of course you think it’s for the best. This is all lip service. My hopes are plummeting for this movie.

New Rumors About Spiderman: Homecoming Sequel ‘Femme Fatale’

  • Gwen Stacy to be a European exchange student.
  • Will Black Cat or Silver Sable appear here, before headlining their own spin-off?
    • This would show a great working relationship between Sony and Marvel.

Vin Diesel to Star in Comic Book Movie, Bloodshot

  • Cool… I guess.

Former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama in Talks with Netflix

  • This should be expected. They are popular faces, popular voices and can make a killing having some sort of television show.

Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival Director, Denis Villeneuve, Plans on Making 2 Dune Films

  • I would have liked to see him do something more original after jumping in the Blade Runner universe. 1 film wasn’t going to be a huge deal, but 2 films? How long will this take; when will his next film after these be made/released?

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