Trailer Tuesdays (02-13-18)

This is the highlight of a couple weeks ago, as far as trailers go. It has since been surpassed by many of the trailers/spots aired during last week’s Super Bowl, but this one does not disappoint. I was not the biggest Ant-Man fan in the world, but this sequel looks promising. The clip of Wasp running down the knife being thrown at her very much reminds me of the leaked Edgar Wright Ant-Man footage. I’m looking forward to this more than most Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

I grew up on Chris Claremont’s X-Men. That style will always hold a special place in my heart. I for one am very excited to get to see behind the scenes for some of this stuff.

Melissa McCarthy’s buzz has been dwindling in recent years, but we are definitely not done seeing her thrive in these types of roles. Directed by Ben Falcone, who has worked with McCarthy in the past on Tammy and The Boss, Life of the Party sees McCarthy keeping her typical comedy routine, but this time as a newly single mother. Cookie cutter? Yes. Entertaining? Quite possibly.

Colin Trevorrow is not one of the better filmmakers out there. Most people would assume that the Jurassic Park franchise deserves the upper echelon of talent at the helm. Jurassic World was underwhelming. I am not sure what I was expecting, or what I wanted, but what I got was not either of those things. With Fallen Kingdom, Universal Pictures is taking another chance on relatively unknown director, J.A. Bayona. Bayona filmed the heart wrenching film, The Impossible, as well as the highly regarded, A Monster Calls. While I am more confident in Bayona than I am in Trevorrow, I am still skeptical that a somewhat new filmmaker can tackle a project of this magnitude.

Well, well, well… This is what we have all been waiting for… I guess.

While most action franchises these days tend to go well over the top, leading to a cluttered plot and lackluster film, Mission: Impossible has been able to keep the stories tight, while still giving you the spectacle you paid to see. Christopher McQuarrie is one of the most talented screenwriters working, and in recent years has proven a formidable director, as well.

The Super Bowl was filled with brand new trailer releases and TV spots. This was one of my favorite spots of the night. I find that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t always get the credit she deserves for the quality, or at least talent level, of her acting. Roles like this one are going to get more people to appreciate that. Another way to look at it is this: accents like this one are going to make the J-Law haters double down on their opinion of her.

We have already seen a trailer for A Quiet Place, but this is a very well cut spot. It puts you in the mood, doesn’t tell you too much, and it actually scares you! I don’t need to see another clip from this movie and I hope that I do not. I will be seeing this movie, regardless.

There are a few shows throughout history that act, and have acted, as sort of torch bearers, to a point. Westworld is one of these shows. Season 1 of Westworld made people re-think what was possible as far as television programming goes. The ideas, the storytelling, the execution… all nearly impeccable. Creator Jonah Nolan (brother of famed writer/director Christopher Nolan) has once again given audiences an entertaining view of extremely intellectual ideas. Season 1 left off with massive teasers for Season 2. Only time will tell if those teasers were just that… or if they were simply Easter eggs

Tom Hardy is quite the talent and I will watch him in anything. The character of Venom has been needing proper on-screen treatment for a long time. This may not be the exact way I would have hoped for the character to be shown, but I am thrilled it is receiving seemingly proper care. This is just a teaser, so we don’t see the symbiote fully inhabiting anything or anyone. But if you notice ever so slightly at the end of this teaser…

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