Trailer Tuesdays (01/23/18)

UPDATE: “Dundee” is advertisement for Australian Tourism, for the Super Bowl.

I had no idea this was even a thing. I even saw the headline and didn’t believe it. Directed by first-timer Steve Rogers, Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home features Danny McBride as Crocodile Dundee’s long lost son, venturing to find his father in the outback. This looks like it might not be the worst thing in the world. McBride continues his rebooting/remaking, as he looks to release his co-written reboot of the Halloween franchise with David Gordon Green later this year, as well.

I would watch Joaquin bake. I would watch Joaquin rake. I would watch Joaquin make a break to the lake. Okay, seriously… Joaquin Phoenix is hands down one of the greatest living actors. Every performance he seems to add more and more to his repertoire. I am always excited to see him in a new film, and this is no exception, teaming with We Need To Talk About Kevin director, Lynne Ramsay.

IFC Films is releasing this project from Armando Iannucci, creator of hit television show Veep, which focuses on the death and aftermath of Joseph Stalin. The satirical humor in this trailer looks right up my alley. If you like history and enjoy laughing, I think this one is going to be for you.

The creator of this show, Jesse Armstrong, I am not familiar with, but with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell serving as producers, I have high hopes for Succession. Seeing Brian Cox walk around acting like a curmudgeon, cursing people out… this could be HBO’s next big “dramedy”.

Super Troopers was a staple in the youths of many people around my age. Most comedy sequels are not as funny as the first. Most comedy sequels are not funny, period. Most comedy sequels that come out 15 years after the original are awful. I was not expecting much, going into this trailer, but it sure sparks some hope! There are call-backs to the first movie, as well as new jokes, both of which were seemingly well timed and had me chuckling. Come April 20, 2018, we will see if the Broken Lizard crew can deliver again.

Netflix has another new show that looks to capitalize off of Nostalgia. Everything Sucks is going to be the comedy version of Stranger Things. We have seen network television shows succeed with similar content, i.e. The Goldbergs, and I have no doubts that Netflix will succeed with this one.

I have no idea how well this show will do, being on Freeform, but I do know that this clip looks better than I thought it would have. With all of the content out there in today’s media world, I highly doubt I will get around to watching this, but for others, I would be hopeful that Cloak and Dagger delivers the goods.

Harry Potter delivering drugs. ‘Nuff said.

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